Start UpDelivery No. 2

April 21, 2020by BE:VITO0

Today was exciting! Took delivery of the star of the show. Received the following:

  • Brewtools B40 Pro
  • Brewtools 3 Valve Setup
  • Brewtools In-line oxygenation kit
  • SS Brewtech 7gal Unitank
  • SS Brewtech 7gal Chronical BME
  • Blichman Riptide Pump
  • Double Basin SS Sink

It felt like it was Christmas when I was 10 years old!

I initially set up the B40pro which took a little while to unbox, assemble and run through with TSP. I then rinsed through with fresh water. I set up the Unitank and Chronical but forgot to order enough TSP to clean them through so have another order to submit to The Malt Miller.

While the TSP was running through the Brewtools I had a play around to familiarise myself with the valve set up so I’m not second guessing when I carry out the first brew day.

Overall I’m very pleased with the kit. It’s of excellent quality and I’m glad I invested in premium kit to begin with. Looks like it will take some abuse.

Tomorrow I plan to assemble the sink and purchase the necessary parts to plumb it in. If you have any questions about the kit or have some advice to offer them get in touch. Salute!

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