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May 6, 2020by BE:VITO0

There’s been a delay in updating my blog as not a huge amount has happened and didn’t want to bore you with lots of little posts. I have received various bits of equipment and here are some of the things I have carried out:

  • New floor! I decided that the carpet wasn’t ideal and probably not hygienic so I installed a laminate floor. It’s not the most ideal but was easy to get hold of at this time and didn’t take long to put down.
  • Installed some stainless steel splash backs behind the sink and Brewtools B40.
  • Installed a flow and return pipe to connect to the wort chiller. The return pipe sends the warmed water to the sink to be used for washing up.
  • Installed a water filter. Beer is mostly water after all.  Brewery Image

What’s next…..

Today I received my first order of ingredients and am eager to get brewing! However there are a couple of things I need to do before brew day 1.0:

  • Drill a 6″ hole through the wall to vent the extractor hood. I ran the Brewtools up to the boil and it creates a fair amount of steam.
  • Passivate the fermenters. I purchased a few kilos of citric acid which I’ll use to passivate the stainless steel. Supposedly it’s the thing to do!
  • Install some quick hose connectors to my flow and return pipes for the wort chiller.
  • Play about with Brewfather to adjust my recipe and account for the malt and hops I have purchased.

First brew?

My first brew is going to be a chocolate stout. The reasons:

  1. It’s my favorite style of beer.
  2. Supposedly they’re a good to start out with as the strong flavors mask any brewing errors.
  3. The fermentation temperature should be easier to maintain as my glycol chiller hasn’t arrived yet.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my brew day post. Salute!

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